ELSA - Touch Panel 12.1"

Digi-Flex System for Liquid Leak Detection

3L-TP/12 – 12.1 Inch Touch Screen Display Panel

  • Pin-Point Leak Location Precisely, tolerance +/-1m. (indication by RED DOT).
  • History/Event Log : 5,000 events based on FIFO basis.
  • “Freezing” of selected zone(s) during maintenance/repair and no fault message generated.
  • Readily connect to Mobile network / dialer for SMS fault notification (Optional)
  • Modbus/TCP (Optional).
  • Ability to Zoom-In onto each floor plan map
  • Max. 50 Zones monitoring and display function
  • Monitor up to 10 units of 3L-DF/SDP
  • Systems able to monitor up to an accumulated      
  • Sensing Cable length of 5,000m (500m x 10 units).
  • True Digital Leak sensitivity setting (threshold level 1 to 8)
  • Eg: Level 1 ~ 3cm ; Level 8 ~ 50cm of liquid detected
  • Modbus information is capable to show leak sensitivity level; ie: from Level 1, Level 4 etc, thus the user will know the amount of water presence at the point of detection